Larissa Ambachtsheer

You Choose I Seduce

Larissa Ambachtsheer:

How can I amaze the viewer with fruits and vegetables again? I have to confess that I have an obsession with food.

‘You choose, I seduce’ is a project where I, as a staged photographer, experimented with what the role of colour on food is and how I can use colour as my manipulation tool to play with the food consumer. This leads to a series of still lifes where, first, I showed my concern towards the makability of these products and, on the other hand, I constantly explored how I could alienate fruits and vegetables using color to make it more astonishing for the viewer. In this constant play I discovered how I could seduce the viewer or use repulsion to mislead the consumer.

Larissa Ambachtsheer

Larissa Ambachtsheer x WOTH Magazine

Body & Soul

Canvas & Ceramics

Early spring WOTH launched a special campaign called ‘Fresh Design’ inviting creatives, makers and designers to pitch their ideas. It gradually grew into a wild bunch of miscellaneous talents. They are offering an alternative platform to host their work, hoping to fill some of the void caused by cancelled shows, due to various lockdowns. From this harvest online they picked one project which we made into a larger scale production with their in-house team. Young photographer and Artist Larissa Ambachtsheer painted the scenography serving as a background for the ceramics of Francoise Jeffrey, who started making ceramic objects and vases, honouring the memory of her deceased mother

WOTH Wonderful Things Magazine is a platform and an international print magazine appearing 2 x a year in an voluminous English edition and twice as a tabloid.

September 2016 WOTH launched in Amsterdam, partly funded by a successful crowdfunding campaign.

However wonderful, life is not all about things. It’s thinking that ignites creativity and innovation. Each issue WOTH talks to 5 of the sharpest minds around: young, old, chefs, architects, entrepreneurs. Remarkable people like Hannes van Severen, Piet Oudolf or Matteo Cibic.

WOTH offers readers an inside look into the homes and studios of the makers; the Amsterdam home of Scheltens & Abbenes, the London studio of Michael Anasstasiades. Our Portfolio shows a cross section of the oeuvre of a designer, artist or photographer like Sabine Marcelis or Anton Corbijn. WOTHSON Newsletters higlight the best events, shows, exhibitions around the world.

WOTH was founded by Mary Hessing and Toon Lauwen. Next to the magazine there is also WOTH Studio that cathers to your needs.

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