Larissa Ambachtsheer


WePlants mission is to compensate for the Deforestation by donating 100% of their profit to Trees for All, there where the impact is most. Their plants are cultivated by locals to lower their emission footprint. Besides, a short distance from the cultivator to your house is not only good for the environment but also for your plant!

Larissa Ambachtheer created these stillifes for the website of WePlant. This creation tells the story of a social problem; Deforestation. As we know from Larissa, she always plays with paint and brand colors.

WePlant pink green
alocasia weplant
WePlant donker groen
weplant palm
Plant roze
WePlant Larissa
Larissa Ambachtsheer

Greenbeauty Market - I

The brands sold at Greenbeauty Market have been carefully selected. All over the world there is a search for the most qualitative and sustainable indie brands that ensure optimal results, with an eye for the future. The products contain a maximum of natural and organic ingredients and are naturally cruelty-free and often vegan. It is clearly stated where brands come from, which products are vegan, organic or natural and which other sustainable steps brands are taking to make the world more beautiful. In this way, all information is available and the consumer decides which beauty essentials may be on the shelf at home.

Larissa Ambachtsheer made an artistic interpretation on the newest products from Green Beauty Market.

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