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Waldorf Astoria (interior & exterior)

Waldorf Astoria contacted us because they weren’t happy with their current imagery as it lacked coherency and consistency. Also the content they had was not up to date and missed that spark of luxury that the Waldorf Astoria would like to offer to their guests.

To make sure we captured everything needed we went through the hotel with the client and created a shotlist including specifics.

We decided to focus on the most beautiful and remarkable places. In order to reach and engage the wealthy target audience of the Waldorf Astoria it is important to deliver high quality and consistent imagery. Therefore we instructed our top interior photographer and next to that we arranged another shoot to focus on mood imagery, in order to capture the allure of the hotel.

Because of the above, we were able to shoot everything in 2.5 days and we could fast deliver the high quality content within a reasonable budget.

Content Solutions - Cases

Corps Marines Charity Calendar

Last year the Dutch Corps Marines created an annual calendar featuring the marines which they sold for a good cause. This year they decided to do it again. As they worked with a well known photographer last year they wanted to do something different this year. That’s where we came in.

As it was a rough year for everyone we advised the Corps Marines to work with multiple talents and give more photographers the job than just one. Together we selected six photographers with their own identical style. Each photographer would create two images for the calendar. Each photo was delivered in black and white to ensure unity while remaining artistically free.

By selecting six photographers, ranging from very well known to developing photographers, we created a new story for the Corps Mariniers and their charity calendar. The calendar was received very positively by the media and many of our images were published in different media outlets.

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