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Waldorf Astoria (interior & exterior)

Waldorf Astoria contacted us because they weren’t happy with their current imagery as it lacked coherency and consistency. Also the content they had was not up to date and missed that spark of luxury that the Waldorf Astoria would like to offer to their guests.

To make sure we captured everything needed we went through the hotel with the client and created a shotlist including specifics.

We decided to focus on the most beautiful and remarkable places. In order to reach and engage the wealthy target audience of the Waldorf Astoria it is important to deliver high quality and consistent imagery. Therefore we instructed our top interior photographer and next to that we arranged another shoot to focus on mood imagery, in order to capture the allure of the hotel.

Because of the above, we were able to shoot everything in 2.5 days and we could fast deliver the high quality content within a reasonable budget.

Content Solutions - Cases

Tommy Hilfiger - UGC

With their 13.7 million followers, Tommy Hilfiger is in constant need for visual content. Next to the campaign, website and lookbook imagery they post lifestyle imagery and user generated content. The lifestyle imagery is a big content pillar for TH for which they need a lot of content. As they can not organize each shoot themselves they need a partner to provide these imagery.

We organize regular small productions for which the client sends us guidelines, clothes and gives styling guidance. We have made a selection of diverse models that live in Amsterdam which are approved by the client.

For each shoot we can easily book one of the approved models. As everything is arranged (styling, models, setting) and approved we can execute the shoot in a small team without the client needing to be there. We are able to deliver all images right within 48 hours so that Tommy Hilfiger can post them almost immediately.

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