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Maria Bodil

Uniqlo by Maria Bodil

UNIQLO and GLAMCULT have come together to share the LifeWear vision.

Four creatives, spearheading the artistic scene, dressed head-to-toe in the natural luxury of UNIQLO’s Autumn Winter collection. Glamcult spoke with producer and skateboarder, Tor, artist, Tisja, musician Jael and the multifaceted filmmaker, Nicky, all who invigorate the inter-personal mantra behind LifeWear. Inspired by the joy of coming-together, all the individuals involved represent an element of LifeWear: connectivity, quality, reflectivity and smart-technology, staying comfortable wherever your creativity takes you.

Photography: Maria Bodil
Creative Direction: Rogier Vlaming @ Glamcult Studio
Styling: Anna Claassen
Assistant styling: Carolijn Hooij
Hair and Make-up: Vannessa Chan
Light: Rupert Tapper
Talents: Nicky @The Movement Models, Tisja Janssens, Jael, Tor @Vein
Quote: Welcome, OSHUN
In collaboration with Uniqlo LifeWear

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