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Taking inspiration from mass-tourism and -consumption, Joost’s graduation project consists of an installation and publication researching the way we experience and consume images. 'When I visited the Eiffel tower in Paris I could only think of how beautiful it looked on the photos I had seen of it, and how ugly it looked in front of me. It was a very unsatisfying experience, but I realized back then the power that images hold: they had been more of a reality to me than the tower itself.

I had lived through an experience I never had. Together with questions as ‘where does human experience end and an image start’, ‘where does the copy become the reality’ and ‘where do the real and the fake become one’ I want you to re-experience, and hopefully make you look in a different way at things around you.' — Joost Termeer

Joost Termeer


During the Covid-19 period, Joost Termeer sat in a few square meters of his studio and did a bit of doodle in 3D, with things he had within reach, raged with tape, creating one "self-quarantine studio sculpture" after another. From cardboard, tools, balloons, furniture, iron wire, toothpaste, glass, dishes, children's toys.

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De Volkskrant
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