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The Collection is an initiative from HighBrook Investors and REB, a family-owned, boutique real estate development firm. Across Amsterdam’s most prestigious monumental addresses, a network of enchanting properties where driven personalities can connect with like-minded people. In stunning
surroundings, new ideas arise naturally as the founders embark on a shared mission to make a difference.

For the launch of their platform and two new chapters in the heart of Amsterdam, we captured the unique character and perspective of each chapter together with the unique services of The Collection. In order to engage the audience of The Collectionn, we created a diverse high quality series of assets.

In collaboration with the art director of The Collection, we created a constructive shotlist capturing all the clients needs and therefore working efficiently on shooting all of their content in a single day. We were able to deliver all high quality content within a reasonable budget within 24 hours.

Content Solutions - Cases


Stories is a network of high-end co-working spaces specifically designed for freelance therapists and coaches. For their online imaginary Flare department photographed their serene interior in a light style.

They spread their mission "To create inspiring, flexible co-working facilities for modern therapists and coaches that support them in helping others and growing their business." through several different cities such as Amsterdam and Haarlem.

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