Larissa Ambachtsheer

Studio Mirte

Studio Mirte is a design studio based in Utrecht. Every piece is handmade . Every product is the result of playing with shapes and colors. Combining playful designes with textiles, the products make cozy pieces for your home.

For the webshop, Larissa showed the playful shapes and textures by using detailed shots.

Larissa Ambachtsheer


WePlants mission is to compensate for the Deforestation by donating 100% of their profit to Trees for All, there where the impact is most. Their plants are cultivated by locals to lower their emission footprint. Besides, a short distance from the cultivator to your house is not only good for the environment but also for your plant!

Larissa Ambachtheer created theseĀ stillifesĀ for the website of WePlant. This creation tells the story of a social problem; Deforestation. As we know from Larissa, she always plays with paint and brand colors.

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