Sjoerd Houben


Stephanie is a short film by Leonardo Van Dijl. Van Dijl asked various photographers to document different sets and shoot days. Houben photographed one shoot day in Antwerp, situated in a clubhouse.

The film is about an 11 year old gymnast that has just won her first big international prize. Her win is just the beginning.

gym documentation
short film photograph
Stephanie short film
documentation by Sjoerd
Sjoerd Houben

No Pleasure Cruise

‘No Pleasure Cruise’ is a photographic body of work by Sjoerd Houben, in which he questions how the medium itself might deal with abstract concepts and the way these concepts find their way back into the image. ‘No Pleasure Cruise’ is set up according to Houben’s firm belief in happiness as a rhizomatic concept. There is no cosmic order in which a thing is in its perfect instantiation, there is not one perfect way of getting things done. There is not one state of being of a certain subject, it’s fluid, it’s subjective.

The work evolves in an associative and organic manner; connecting various subjects that at first sight don’t seem to overlap. The subjects are chosen from a range of Houben’s relations, some intimate and close, others more distant and removed. He doesn’t focus on the relationship with his subjects, but uses a sense of tension as a means of forming connections between images.

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