Alexander Sporre


SÓUN is known for their handbag collection made from salmon skin: the sustainable and ethical alternative for exotic leathers.

Next to the main campain, Alexander Sporre has photographed a lifestyle shoot for the social account of SÓUN .

Alexander Sporre


SÓUN, pronounced as /soh·wun/, Icelandic for 'waste', is a high quality handbag collection bridging Italian craftsmanship and inventive sustainable materials. Slow over fast and timeless over trend with a deep respect for nature throughout the value chain. Graceful in every single piece through carefully selected materials, natural tanning and hours of traditional Italian techniques.

Challenging the status quo by capturing the true value of materials while taking care of our world today and tomorrow. Alexander Sporre has photographed the new campaign as well as digital content for the website and social accounts of SÓUN.

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