Sander Coers


FLOWER (2020-2021) is a collaboration with my partner Vera van Buuren. Inspired by the bouquets of flowers we bought during self-isolation to brighten up our days, we started experimenting with different ways of arranging them. While combining flowers with the body and focusing on form, we tried to oppose the feminine to the masculine by juxtaposing withering phallic symbols against soft, curvy shapes as if the male is devouring the female.

Flower has been shown at Contour Gallery in Rotterdam in 2021 and at KunstRAI with Galerie Wilms in 2022.

Sander Coers

Minjae Chang

Sander Coers and up and coming Belgian designer Minjae Chang joined forces to capture the new flamboyant collection for 2022.

This series was about capturing the essence of Minjae Chang her master collection. Inspired by her time in quarantaine whilst living in a global pandemic Minjae Chang tried to create new silhouettes by looking at the surroundings she lived in such as furniture and interior and this resulted in the creation of 11 unique womenswear pieces . Sander captured all of the 11 pieces in a lookbook shoot accompanied by a short video and an editorial shoot all in one day while still maintaning true to underlying motivation behind this project.

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