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Two mothers are speaking about ones beautiful looking baby: 'You have to rub him with laundry blue; Mester blousé' she said. With real indigo laundry bluing compound — Brenneker, P (1975). Part 7 Sambumbu Willemstad, Curacao. In 'Mester blousé’ examines the photographer Kevin Osepa how his identity was formed by the spiritual beliefs, rituals, and culture of his island. His emigration from Curaçao to the Netherlands at a young age has changed him not only as a person but also as a visual artist; the shift in his view of the world was tremendous.

Within this project, he uses the symbolism of the culture of his island that he grew up with to tell the history of him and his family. As a man of color who grew up in a religious and ‘brua practicing' environment. Whilst exploring intense themes such as colonialism, the afrocaribiën, diaspora and religion, 'Mester blousé tells a story where reality and magic can coexist without prejudice or interference.

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