Sjoerd Houben

You Can't Get There From Here

YCGTFH focuses on the monetary world. Houben plays with public perception and various themes connected to money. Replicating postures from images taken on the day of the start of the financial crisis in 2008, coin photography and a reflection on the public image of banks.

perception on money sjoerd
banken zwart
bitcoin sjoerd
perception on money by sjoerd
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Sjoerd Houben

Trading Places

With ‘Trading Places’, Sjoerd Houben focuses on an area's struggle to maintain its identity in changing times. On the edge of a city, a place of industry and business. The images show human presence, traces left by inhabitants, workers and passersby.

Going into various places, and moving around them, Houben comes back to a central point in the work. A flat building that houses almost all inhabitants of the area.

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