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Pan Amsterdam

Underpromise agency and PAN Amsterdam, join forces and spotlight ten different art traders with a powerful series of portraits. 

Each portrait represents an artist's impression. They do not  reflect the traditional stories behind the art, but the personal stories and passion that drives the traders. Each portrait is photographed by an art photographer selected by Underpromise. Including; Apituley & De Schepper, Larissa Ambachtsheer, Joep Hijwegen, Sjoerd Houben, Kevin Osepa, Michelle Piergoelam, Zoë Sluijs, Alexander Sporre.

The first photo in this serie is made by photographers duo Charlotte Apituley and Marijke De Schepper . They have photographed two generations for the series; daughter and father. While portraying they look for authenticity, strength and vulnerability. Resulting in a timeless, sincere and tangible image that shows the intimacy between the two

Art photographer and co-founder Underpromise Alexander Sporre and Wiet Hekking, owner WonderWood find each other in the shared fascination for the shape and development of objects.
Hekking specializes in furniture made of plywood: a 3D multiplex technique from the 1950s that creates futuristic and organic shapes from glued layers of wood. for the second photo in this serie, Sporre searches in his portraits to the boundary between the known reality and the unknown abstraction.

For the third photo Sjoerd Houben photographed Joseph Estié, director of Salomon Stodel Antiquités, specializes in Delft pottery, European porcelain and earthenware, silver and furniture from the period 1580-1820. As a child, Estié developed having a passion for old objects, that he likes to pass on to a younger generation. Photographer Sjoerd Houben conveys the enthusiastic dynamics of their encounter, with his portrait of Estié; the openness of conversation, sniffing around among the many objects and Estié's love for the profession.

Content Solutions - Cases

Humanoid SS21 (social content)

For Humanoid we shoot on a regular basis. For each lookbook or campaign shoot we provide a photographer who shoots behind the scenes & social content and a videographer who makes a recap of the day.

These are some images for social content for Humanoid during the SS21 shoot photographed by Michelle Piergoelam.

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