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This is Ode to A. We are here for brands and for people. We believe branding is being. First, you have to know who you truly are and who you want to be, before expressing it to the outer world. That’s why we start at the ‘A’. As the beginning. As the source. And the essence. Telling you a little secret, big magic stuff. When you own your boldest essence to presence, you’ll set the world on fire. We mean big fireworks. And we are here to give you attitude to do so.

Lieve Eek has shot a series of the founder of Ode to A: Eva van Keijsteren.

Eva Keijsteren Ode to A
Ode to A Eva Keijsteren
Ode to A lieve
Lieve Eek eva Keijsteren
Lieve Eek


Next to couture, Dutch designer Jan Taminiau also designs ready-to-wear in his Wardrobe collection. It is a complete and sustainable wardrobe with items for every moment of the day.

The collection does not work according to the traditional seasons but strives for timelessness for a woman who increasingly travels to destinations with different climates.

TAMINIAU consists initially of 40 pieces and pieces will be added each month online.

Lieve Eek took her own interpretation on one key look of the collection.

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