Lisette Appeldorn

Nxt Museum

Movement. Sound. Light. A sudden change in your surroundings can trigger an inescapable reaction – a primal response. It’s involuntary. It’s irrational. It’s natural. We can’t control it, it’s how the human body is wired. Art takes hold of our senses. It transmits ideas, emotions, and stories. Morphing our perceptions and synthesising them into new perspectives.

Nxt Museum is the first museum in the Netherlands dedicated to new media art. We focus on art that uses modern tools to embody modern times. Nxt Museum believes that the tools used in artistic expression reflect the times we live in. That makes them the perfect means to understand contemporary complexities allowing us to recognise, relate and reflect on our realities.

Lisette Appeldorn has shot the press images for Nxt Museum of the founder, curator and co-founder.

Lisette Appeldorn


Visual artist Lisette Appeldorn created three characters for one of her favorite brands Patta.

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