Joost Termeer


For sustainable and vegan brand Nuud, Joost Termeer visualized the fun and freshness that people experience when using Nuud. He did this by using his expertise and creating stilllifes combined with stop-motion.

The new anti-odorant brand Nuud is a pioneer in the vegan self care industry. Their odorant is aluminium, parabens and petrochemicals - free. But not only the product is nature friendly, their tube is made out of a bioplastic: a hundred percent sugar cane.

Bottle squeezed
Nuud tubes
odorant tube
Keyboard and tube by Joost
Tube on flute
Nuud stillife by Joost
Joost Termeer

Still life studies

For his own project Joost Termeer made a still life series featuring different kind of fruits. " Still life studies"

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