Maria Bodil

Leen Heyne

Creative duo Maria Bodil, consisting out of Lieve Eek and Marthe Vos highlighted Leen Heyne's Jewerly in these dreamy photographs.

Dutch Jeweler Leen Heyne created unique pieces using folded, twisted and foreced gold and platinum, teqniques to create a tension that evokes the rythm of the metal. The pieces that he creates, unlock the natural forces embedded in the precious materials he uses.

Maria Bodil

Iris van Herpen

The magical world of Iris van Herpen has been brought to life through a photo series made by creative duo Maria Bodil, consisting of Lieve Eek and Marthe Vos, and 3D studio Post Neon. The series features Iris van Herpen's Spring Summer 2021 collection  named "Roots of Rebirth". 

Iris van Herpen explores a symbiosis of high technology and the artisanal craftsmanship of couture and references to the life that breaths beneath our feet. Illustrating the symbiotic relationships of nature, Maria Bodil symbolized within this series the inextricable bond between subterranean fungi and the earth.

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