Joost Termeer

Still life studies

For his own project Joost Termeer made a still life series featuring different kind of fruits. " Still life studies"

joost Termeer
vork Joost Termeer
vrucht Joost Termeer
Joost termeer underpromise
cups Joost
stillife Joost
mes schil
stillife Joost
cup Joost
Joost Termeer

No thing-ness

"During the COVID-19 lockdown I've locked myself in my studio to see what would happen if the objects around me began to talk to me."- Joost Termeer

No thing-ness revolves around the gaze. Objects or situations become something when they’re looked at or when they are captured by a camera. Through photographs objects are no longer nothing. The book not only shows a photographic project, but also the process that the photographer went through to create these works.

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