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Eurovision songfestival

Jeangu Macrooy's Birth of a new age is the song with which the Netherlands are going to be contesting at the Eurovision songfestival in May 2021. The song birth of a new age is "an ode to everyone who stands up for themselves and dares to celebrate the power of their own authenticity. ” It is also part inspired by the Macrooy's surinamese roots with the saying ‘Mi Na Afu Sensi, No Wan Man E Broko Mi’. Which translates to ;" I am half a penny, you can't break me"

With the videoclip for Birth of a new age, Kevin Osepa visualised the core values of the song; self-esteem, resilience and determination. In this serie; some stills of the videoclip.

Jeangu Macrooy
Videoclip costumes
Videoclip Jeangu
Songfestival girl braids
fire ring
red light videoclip
blue paint on body
Jeangu Macrooy birth of a new age
Kevin Osepa

Kerastase editorial in L'Artist magazine

For the second issue of L’Artist magazine - an exclusive magazine for L'Oreal Pro - , Kevin Osepa was requested to shoot an editorial for Kerastase .

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