Larissa Ambachtsheer


Villa Mondriaan, museum in Winterswijk, invited Larissa Ambachtsheer to make a new series inspired by the early works of Mondriaan. Her desicion was made easily: she saw the drawing Writing Girl for the series Het Schrijvende Meisje.

In the drawing of Piet Mondriaan we see a young woman. Larissa's phantasy took over and imagined the woman in reigional attice naked under their dress. This way the innocent woman in Mondriaans drawing get a whole new meaning.

Larissa Ambachtsheer

You Choose
I Seduce

How can I amaze the viewer with fruits and vegetables again?
I have to confess that I have an obsession with food.‘You choose, I seduce’ is a project where Larissa Ambachtsheer, as a staged photographer, experimented with what the role of colour on food is and how she can use colour as my manipulation tool to play with the food consumer.

This leads to a series of still life where, first, Larissa shows her concern towards the makability of these products and, on the other hand, she constantly explored how she could alienate fruits and vegetables using color to make it more astonishing for the viewer. In this constant play Larissa discovered how she could seduce the viewer or use repulsion to mislead the consumer.

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