Kevin Osepa

Ifekoya for

Kevin Osepa captured Evan Ifekoya a London-based artist for Subbacultcha. Evan Ifekoya creates in her work a space where time collapses and subjectivity gets pulled apart.

Kevin Osepa


A guerrilla show in the metro tunnel. In collaboration with Amsterdam Fashion Week and GVB, travelers and invitees were literally taken along in 30 years of denim innovation - during a metro ride from North to South. Models stack the subway in a combination of G-Star RAW icons, showcasing artwork from shows including New York Fashion Week and new Hardcore Denim styles.

The unprecedented G-Star manifesto came to the fore during the show: dedicated to denim's fabric, craft, culture and history. During this event Kevin Osepa has photographed all key looks in analog at the metro station at the Vijzelgracht.

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