Sander Coers

Blue Mood (Al Mar)

BLUE MOOD (AL MAR) (2021-ongoing) is a tender portrait of a generation. In this exploration and celebration of the melancholy of adolescence, I revisit, recreate and rearrange memories. The story takes place in a colourful, warm and dreamlike world, a hallucinative landscape based on the stories of my friends, peers and myself. Through moody scenes this work acts as a visual essay on the vulnerability of growing up, the transformation to adulthood, the fragility of young masculinity and finding love and self-acceptance.

Work from this project has been selected for the Palm* Photo Prize 2022 and exhibited at 1014 Gallery in London, UK. In the summer of 2022 the series will been shown at The Gallery Club, BRUTUS and Unseen with Galerie Ron Mandos. Blue Mood (Al Mar) has been featured in i-D, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, HERO Magazine, and other magazines.

Sander Coers

The New Studio

New work from Sander Coers for The New Studio.

Based on the minimalistic 90's vibe. Shot at their Studio.

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