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  • Latest project Blue Mood (Al Mar)
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Sander Coers (b. 1997) is a photographer based in Rotterdam whose work fuses the boundaries of documentary and fiction. His photography centers around the coming-of-age theme, exploring the complexities of love, friendship, growth, and self-discovery through his own experiences and those of his peers. With a tender and intimate gaze, Coers' visual language is deeply inspired by the nostalgic memories of his youth in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, infusing vivid hues and profound emotions into his portraits, stills, and landscapes to create dreamlike and melancholic worlds.


  • Education 2017-2021 BA Photography, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, NL
  • Publications & Features i-D, Elle NL, Vogue NL, HERO, NRC, Fisheye, Die Zeit, Booooooom, Het Parool, Paper Journal Mag, C41 Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar NL, Wül Magazine
  • Books Come Home & This Naked Incident

Selected exhibitions

  • 2021 Contour Gallery, Rotterdam NL (01)
  • 2021 Noorderlicht Futurama, Museum Belvédère, Heerenveen, NL (02)
  • 2020 Gallery Untitled, Rotterdam, NL (03)
  • 2019 Gallery Untitled, Rotterdam, NL (04)
  • 2018 Galerie KRUIS-WEG 68, Haarlem, NL (05)
  • 2018 Beyond Dada en De Stijl Part II, Museum Dr8888, Drachten, NL (06)
  • 2018 Moam x Paradiso, Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL (07)
  • 2017 New Dutch Photography Talent 2018, art’otel, Amsterdam, NL(08)

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