Lisette Appeldorn was born in Leeuwarden, lives and works in Amsterdam. She is a visual artist that combines the production of masks and photography. Lisette has an obsession with masks made from many different materials. She is always looking for that perfect combination of the right colours and materials, draped over the human body. While playing with these recognizable products and materials without having a clear plan beforehand, she creates her own family as in a series of different characters that she discovers while photographing. By concealing the face, Lisette has control over the emotions and gives it a mystical comical look in her work, and although there is no distraction from a facial expression, we can still recognize ourselves in the presented forms.

Seen in

  • 2019 GUP(01)
  • 2019 VPRO Gids(02)
  • 2019 Haute Photography(03)
  • 2018 Foam First edition(04)
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