Joost Termeer is a Dutch conceptual visual artist that uses his work to address the jarring discrepancy between hype and reality. In his technicolour-hued work filled with vibrant light and colour, he plays with the seduction of illusion. His work is based on the way we read, consume and use images. Although the origin of the images is largely untraceable, it will generate a sense of recognition. He wants the viewer to believe again, to be viewed again and hopefully to look at the world in a different way.

Seen in

  • 2019 UIT Agenda Amsterdam (02)
  • 2019 Volkskrant Magazine(03)
  • 2019 Glamcult: Live Laugh Love(04)
  • 2019 NEW by GUP Magazine(05)
  • 2018 Olympus young talent award(06)
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