Joep Hijwegen is a street photographer and philosopher. Drawing equally on classical art and pop culture, Joep uses reflections and layers to turn reality into something stranger than fiction. While shot candidly and spontaneously, Joep’s images do not seek to document that which is in front of the camera. They are crafted to reflect things we long for and tell timeless stories.

Seen in

  • 2020 GUP NEW Finalist(01)
  • 2021 Represented by Kahmann Gallery(02)
  • 2020 SO Awards Nominee(03)
  • 2021 Joep Hijwegen: Controlled Coincidence(04)
  • 2021 Joep Hijwegen: Blue Hours(05)
  • 2020 Life Framer Editors Pick: 'A Palette of the Imagination'(06)
  • 2021 Publisher: Digital Beyond Magazine(07)
  • 2021 Mendo: Solo Exhibition 'Blue Hours" (08)
  • 2021 Het Parool: Weekly image 'Straatleven'(09)
  • (10)
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